Music from SEAMUS Volume 23 (2014)

Cort Lippe
Duo for Cajón and Computer
David Gedosh
Train Song
Chester Udell
Steel Golem
Elliot Patros
Christopher Chandler
Smoke and Mirrors
Halim Beere
Bright Lines
Jeffrey Hass
Three Etudes for Piano and Electronics
Butch Rovan
Desire with Digressions

SEAMUS Electro-Acoustic Miniatures: Transients (2014)

Cody Kauhl
5 More Irrelevant Facs
Melody Eötvös
A Sample of The Atmosphere
Andrew Martin Smith
Echoes in the Darkness
Panayiotis Kokoras
Ben Taylor
Collective Motion
Cody Brookshire
Harmonic Meditation No. 1
Maxwell Tfirn
When Will the Destruction End?
Josh Simmons
In Memoriam, Frankie Knuckles
Jon Hallstrom
Telos Relinquished
Christopher Chandler
Ash and Cinders
Doug Geers
Bloom Boundary
Robert Gibson
Brood X
Mitchell Herrmann
Kettledrum Organ
Zach Sheets
Andrew Babcock
Ryan Carter
Memory Failure
Simon Hutchinson
Larry Matthew Gaab
Be That Suddenness
John Nichols III